Pratt Chat: Digital Initiatives a Natural Extension of Pratt & Whitney's Innovation

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ray Hernandez: Hello, everyone. This is Ray Hernandez from Pratt & Whitney Communications and welcome to another edition of Pratt Chat. For this episode I had an opportunity to speak with Julianne LeBlanc, Pratt & Whitney's vice president [and] chief information officer, on our company's digital strategy and what it means for employees.

Julianne LeBlanc: We structured our digital strategies around three core imperatives about empowering our people, optimizing how we work and engaging better with our customers and you know we're aggressively pursuing all three of those. For employees it's about making their lives easier.

Ray Hernandez: Julianne later touched on the power of analytics using commercial engines as an example and what it means for the company moving forward.

Julianne LeBlanc: We're doing tremendous things with the EngineWise brand now and the power of analytics. You know we're collecting full flight data now off of the C Series for the first time. In the past, we've had different points during the flight. Now it's full flight and that's going to open the door when you combine full-flight data from the GTF with all of the new digital technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence. We're going to be opening new doors to insight around engine data in performance and predictive like we've never been able to do before [which will enhance our ability to support those customers' engines].

Ray Hernandez: That's fantastic. You know one of the things that shocked me is you had mentioned that it's not revolutionary it's evolutionary. What exactly do you mean by that?

Julianne LeBlanc: Absolutely. It's important for folks to understand that digital for Pratt & Whitney is simply a natural extension of our legacy of innovation. So we've been innovating for 90 years and digital just brings us a new set of technologies and new ways to do that. But innovation is not new to Pratt & Whitney when we're building it on a strong technical foundation. So we've been pulling data off of our engines, our core transactional systems, in our shop for machines for years. Now what we can do is harness the power of all that data, apply new digital technologies to bring new insights to the technologies are new. The approach in the innovation is not.

Ray Hernandez: And so Julianne, as we look forward, what else is on the horizon?

Julianne LeBlanc: Well you know for us the challenge because there's so much to do and there's so many opportunities for our customers, employees, and how we do our work it's really about - and Bob [Leduc] and I have had this conversation - it's about being pragmatic in our investments to deliver the best value and real value so. So my commitment as CIO is that we're not just going to be doing digital for digital sake. We're going to measure it and we're going to deliver value that has real impact and supports our growth agenda.

Ray Hernandez: Well that wraps up this episode of Pratt Chat. I'd like to thank Julianne for sharing her insights. For Pratt & Whitney Communications, I'm Ray Hernandez. Take care, everyone.