Geared Turbofan Engine Fan Blade Production Increases with Added Capacity at AutoAir Facility in Michigan

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

There's a sense of pride in Michigan as Geared Turbofan engine fan blade production ramps up at Pratt & Whitney's AutoAir facility.

Kurt Linzey: Twenty-nine years ago when I started, we had one plant. Currently we've grown to five plants.

Andy Noveskey: I remember when this cell was five people in the corner of a building.

Jenny Baarck: It's exciting. It's very exciting, especially watching Plant 5 pretty much starting from nothing to where we're going, to be making thousands of blades here.

Conor Tracy: When you look around here in Plant 4, to build Line A, to build Line B, we're upwards of $30 million of investment here.

Plant 5 is a $67 million dollar eCAR [capital investment]. So there's a significant investment in Lansing [Michigan].

Jeff Smith: In a 12-month journey, we've doubled our output in one part of the campus, bought a new building, started production in another part of the campus and going to triple the capacity of fan blade production.

Jakob Reed: We're bringing in so many more people, it's incredibly exciting. I'm blessed to be a part of it.

Conor Tracy: I showed up here in September of 2015 with 218 people, and we just hired number 696.

Jeff Smith: The employee growth has been an extremely significant part of the success of the organization and what we've been able to accomplish.

Conor Tracy: Ten X increase, ten X ramp in 20 months, which is pretty significant.

Anthony Paige: The feeling here is excitement. There's a lot of really hardworking people here.

Jeff Smith: There's a lot of pride in the Michigan campus. There's a lot of pride in the individuals that are making this product.

Zach Lyman: I think it's a very bright future.

Conor Tracy: We have the ability to execute. We feel good.