V2500 Engine Celebrates 100 Million Cycles

Friday, October 20, 2017

The V2500 engine program recently marked a major milestone: 100 million cycles, or flights. The V2500 engine’s success is a testament to the reliable performance and value it has delivered to its customers for almost three decades.

The V2500 engine, a product of International Aero Engines (IAE, a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney, Japanese Aero Engine Corporation and MTU Aero Engines), entered service in 1989 on the A320 aircraft. Currently, there are more than 3,000 V2500-powered aircraft in service, flying with over 160 airlines worldwide in over 80 countries. The V2500 engine powers three aircraft applications: the A320 family, the MD90 and more recently, the Embraer KC-390. The V2500 engine is the second largest civil engine program in Pratt & Whitney’s history behind the JT8D engine family.

“The V2500 is one of the most successful engines in the world with more than 7,300 engines produced and almost 200 million flight hours. All of us at IAE and Pratt & Whitney are proud to support our V2500 customers as we celebrate the milestone of 100 million flight cycles,” said Bernie Zimmerman, chief operating officer, IAE.

Despite being in service almost 30 years, the V2500 fleet is still relatively young. A large segment of active engines have not yet been removed from service for a first maintenance visit. In fact, the average age of the V2500 fleet is less than nine years old.

“Pratt & Whitney and our IAE partners have continued to improve the design of the V2500 engine, which offers our customers world-class reliability and operational performance, as well as exceptional value. With over 900 maintenance visits projected in 2017, and upward of 1,000 per year over the next several years, the V2500 has become a critical part of Pratt & Whitney’s business portfolio,” added Carmen D’Onofrio, director, V2500 Program.

This impressive milestone of 100 million flight cycles would not have been possible without the strong support of employees from Pratt & Whitney, JAEC and MTU who work to keep this fleet flying each and every day. The team remains hard at work to support the V2500 and their customers over the next 100 million flight cycles.